TuntiSähkö is the right power product for you if you can regulate your electricity use and are prepared to monitor the market prices. You will benefit the most from a TuntiSähkö electricity agreement when the exchange price of electricity is at its lowest, since that is what your electricity price is based on. TuntiSähkö electricity is produced with Nordic hydropower.

TuntiSähkö reacts more quickly to changing market prices than traditional electricity agreements. Every hour of the day is priced separately in the power exchange. This way you can benefit from the market price fluctuation. The next day's hourly prices are available the previous afternoon.

The TuntiSähkö agreement is valid until further notice. If you wish, you can easily exchange it for another power product in our selection.



S-bonus As a co-op member of Osuuskauppa you can receive Bonus worth up to 5% when you sign up to this contract.


We ensure that all households and small businesses are sold with guarantees of the official origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources, which are monitored by the Finnish Energy Authority.

The graph below shows the average energy price of the TuntiSähkö product for the desired period. You can select the period above the graph.

TuntiSähkö average price for requested period

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