Lähisähkö Tammerkoski

The torrents of the Tammerkoski rapids have been producing electricity for almost 130 years, as Finland's first hydropower plant was completed at the heart of the city as early as 1891. By concluding a Lähisähkö Tammerkoski electricity agreement, you will continue this long tradition. You will receive clean electricity produced with the hydropower of the Tammerkoski rapids.

The agreement is temporary, valid until 31.1.2024.

This product is aimed at houdeholds whose electricity use is less than 100 MWh a year.




We authenticate all electricity produced with renewable energy sources and sold to households and small companies with official guarantees of origin which are monitored by the Finnish Energy Authority.

S-bonus As a co-op member of Osuuskauppa you can receive Bonus worth up to 5% when you sign up to this contract.