Aurinkosähkö is produced with solar energy and it is for those of you who believe that small deeds have a greater impact. It is 100% renewable and brings a smile to your day. Using solar energy reduces the use of non-renewable energy sources. When you choose yellow, the future will be bright. And green.

Become a pioneer. Make a SolarEnergy- electricity contract

The agreement is temporary, valid until 29.2.2024. 

This product is aimed at houdeholds whose electricity use is less than 100 MWh a year.

Are you more interested in a agreement which is valid until further notice? Check Aurinkosähkö kesto - contract

We authenticate all electricity produced with renewable energy sources and sold to households and small companies with official guarantees of origin which are monitored by the Finnish Energy Authority.


S-bonus As a co-op member of Osuuskauppa you can receive Bonus worth up to 5% when you sign up to this contract.