Solar panels to your own home

When you invest in solar electricity, the roof of your house will produce energy, your electricity bill will be reduced, and you will help the environment. There will be enough sunlight even in cloudy weather.

We make the acquisition of solar panels easy for you. You will get a set of panels that is dimensioned precisely to your needs as a turnkey delivery and installed ready for use. In addition, the installation of the solar panels is eligible for a tax deduction for household services. Long warranty periods and parts that endure Finnish weather conditions guarantee the reliable functioning of the panels.

You will primarily be using your own solar electricity, but when there is none available, you will use electricity in the normal way, i.e., from the local electricity network. If there is a surplus of electricity, it is easy to sell it to us. Read more about selling electricity generated by small-scale production.

Below are examples of solar panel packages for detached houses. We will, however, customise a package that meets precisely your needs. Our collaboration partner is Finnwind Oy.

Small Medium Large
Area of the house, m2 50–100 100–200 200–300
Number of solar panels 8 pcs. 14 pcs. 20 pcs.
Area of the panels, m2 14 20 34
Annual yield, kWh 1,940 2,920 4,860
Price from €4,990 €5,650 €8,650