FAQs on solar energy

Is there any point in acquiring solar panels in Finland, where the sun doesn't even shine?

Yes there is. In Finland, there is a significant amount of sunlight during the period between March and September. Even in Southern Finland, the sun radiates annually approximately 1,000 kWh per each square metre, which is the same amount as in Central Europe.

It is, however, cloudy here in Finland. What use are the solar panels if the sun does not shine?

A solar cell does not require direct sunlight to function, as it can create electricity even on a cloudy day. The yield is, however, significantly smaller in cloudy than in sunny weather. Actually, the panels create electricity from brightness and not from direct sunlight. Even when it rains, there is so much light during the daytime that modern solar panels can produce electricity.

How much electricity can be produced with solar panels?

In Southern Finland, a properly aligned solar panel system with no shading and a 1 kWp nominal power can, ideally, produce as much as 900 kWh of electric energy. The yield of a panel is affected by the alignment, the geographical location, and the actual amount of solar radiation in each year. With efficient and modern solar panels, you can even produce more electricity than you need in the summer, and then you can sell your surplus energy to your electricity company.

When will the solar panels have paid for themselves?

It depends on, e.g., the electricity price development and how well the electricity produced by the panels can be utilised. On average, normal solar energy equipment will save 25–30% of energy when compared to the annual energy consumption. In addition to this, the solar energy system will increase the value of the property.

How often should the panels be serviced?

Solar panels do not require maintenance. The panels can be wiped clean like windows from time to time, so that dirt doesn't cover them. Often rain keeps the panels clean enough. Even snow will slide off on its own, since the angle of the panels is steep enough.

How many solar panels will fit on our roof?

The size (from the edges) of a single solar panel is 1mx1.7m. Thus, the area of a single solar panel is 1.7 square metres. We can provide you with as many panels as you wish. Solar panel combinations are presented on this website. For, e.g., detached houses, we have created sets of 8, 14, and 20 panels.

Find out the size of the southern part of your ridged roof or the entire area of your flat roof, and then you will know how many panels can be installed on it. We recommend that you check with our calculator how large a part of your roof is actually suitable for solar energy production. The calculator will also provide you with a yield estimate.

Can I sell my surplus energy?

Yes you can. If you purchase your electricity directly from Tampereen Sähkölaitos and produce more electricity than you need, you can sell the surplus electricity to us by concluding an OmaSähkö agreement. We will pay you the wholesale market price, i.e., the exchange price, for your electricity. You can conclude an OmaSähkö agreement anywhere in Finland. The surplus electricity you have produced will immediately be transmitted in the electricity network to other electricity users in the area.

I do not have an electricity agreement with Tampereen Sähkölaitos. Can I still purchase solar panels from you?

Of course you can. Ordering solar panels does not require having an electricity purchase agreement with Tampereen Sähkölaitos.