Electricity for companies

Our corporate sales department will help you in all matters related to electricity acquisition.

Save your energy and invite us for a visit. You will get an offer customised precisely for your company.

We provide electricity agreements that meet the needs of companies anywhere in Finland.

For companies engaged in small-scale business activities that do not require much electricity, we offer a wide selection of agreements that are either temporary or valid until further notice.

For larger companies, we offer flexible customised fixed-price agreements which include the opportunity for an electricity protection of up to five years. You are free to choose the energy source with which the electricity will be produced.

The salesperson appointed for your company will familiarise themselves precisely with the electricity needs of your company. With the aid of the cost-free Wattimaatti service for monitoring energy consumption, and regular energy reports, you will stay updated on the changes in the electricity market and your own energy consumption.

For members of The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Pirkanmaa (Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät), we can offer discounts on contracts that are valid until further notice.

Our corporate sales department provides service to companies at +358 20 630 3007. You can also leave a contact request and we will get back to you.

You can also reach us via e-mail at yritysmyynti@sahkolaitos.fi.