Solar panels are an easy and sensible solution

1. Leave a contact request, and our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

2. You will receive an offer via e-mail. The content of the package and installation are described in more detail in the offer. The offer also includes a breakdown of the part of the installation that is eligible for tax deductions for household services. You can also explore our solar electricity calculator in advance. After you have entered the address of the property, the calculator will give you a calculation of the amount of solar electricity that would be produced.

3. The installation of the solar panels will be arranged after you have accepted the offer. Our collaboration partner Finnwind will deliver and instal the panels.

4. We will contact the local electricity network administrator about connecting you to the network and the municipal building control services about the possible building or action permit.

5. Conclude an Omasähkö agreement on selling your surplus electricity to us.

6. Now you are ready to enjoy the benefits of solar energy and smaller electric bills. If you have questions, we will help you with matters related to solar panels. The manufacturer and importer will provide the warranty.