Electricity transmission

Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy sells electricity everywhere in Finland, and the local electricity network company is responsible for the transmission of electricity. The subsidiary of Tampereen Sähkölaitos, Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy, acts as the distribution network operator mainly in the Tampere region.

Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and use of the electricity network. It provides its customers with electricity connections, to which electric energy is transmitted via the distribution network. Tampereen Sähköverkko takes care of the electric energy measurement and pass the readings on to the electricity providers.

Electricity network operations are subject to authorisation and monitored by the Finnish Energy Authority

The network company, in whose area the customer lives, is responsible for the electricity transmission. The customer pays, in the transmission and connection fees, for the costs incurred due to network construction and maintenance work. The Finnish Energy Authority monitors the fairness of the fees. Electricity transmission cannot be put out to tender.

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