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Electricity customer service and sales

Customer service via telephone available on monday-friday 8am to 8pm, saturday 9am to 4pm.

Electricity connection matters, Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy, technical customer service

Tel. 020 630 3600. Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. You can also book an appointment with one of our specialists via our customer service.

Heating, cooling and gas

Connection matters, sales and technical customer service

Customer service





telephone (switchboard)


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for the MEDIA

Communications Manager Riitta Savola,
tel. 050 599 4207,

street and postal addresses

Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy
Voimakatu 17, 33100 Tampere
Rahtimiehenkatu 7, 33270 Tampere (the Lielahti power plant)
Rauhaniementie 13 B, 33180 Tampere (the Naistenlahti power plant)

Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy
Voimakatu 17, 33100 Tampere

Tampereen Vera Oy
Väkipyöränkatu 5, 33720 Tampere

Tammervoima Oy
Hyötyvoimankuja 1, 33680 Tampere


We do not accept paper invoices or invoices sent via email.

E-invoicing operator and ID
Liaison Technologies Oy 003708599126

Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy invoicing address
Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy, Voimakatu 17, 33100 Tampere
Business ID: 0153791-8
EDI: 0037015379182210

Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy invoicing address
Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy, Voimakatu 17, 33100 Tampere
Business ID: 1950681-0
EDI: 0037195068102220

Tampereen Vera Oy invoicing address
Tampereen Vera Oy, Väkipyöränkatu 5, 33720 Tampere
Business ID: 1950694-1
EDI: 0037195069412230