Become a small-scale producer of electricity

If the sun shines from a cloudless sky all summer and you use less electricity than your solar panels or other small-scale production equipment produce, you can sell your surplus electricity to us by concluding an OmaSähkö agreement. You can conclude an OmaSähkö agreement anywhere in Finland. Concluding the agreement does not require an electricity sales agreement with us.

We will pay you, on the basis of the currently valid market price, the price per hour of the Nord Pool Spot AS power exchange's price area for Finland with the ¢0.30 kWh (VAT 0%) commission deducted. In the case of customers subject to VAT, the current value added tax will be added to the purchase price.

When you acquire your solar panels through us, we will not take the commission but will purchase your surplus energy at the spot price for the first two years.

The production equipment must annually produce less than 800,000 kWh of electricity to the distribution network, and the electricity must be produced with renewable energy sources, such as wind, water, or solar power.

We will send you a credit note for the OmaSähkö electricity once every six months. In addition, you will receive, via e-mail, a report on the amount of sold electricity once every six months.

Take the first step in becoming an electricity provider and contact us at We will direct you forward.