Charging electric cars

The number of electric cars and rechargeable hybrid cars is growing. An estimated 80% of the total use of rechargeable cars is charged at home. Lähisähkö Lataus is a solution for charging electric cars in housing associations and commercial properties. Lähisähkö Lataus is an intelligent service package that updates car heating poles and charging points for electric cars on a turnkey basis. We take care of everything for you:

  • The property does not need to invest in the acquisition of charging or heating points.
  • The service includes electrification mapping, smart charging or heating points, installation and maintenance. All this for an affordable fixed monthly fee, starting at € 6.90 / parking space.
  • We are responsible for changing the charging and heating points when the purpose changes from heating operation to charging operation or vice versa.
  • We bill the electricity consumed by motorists and credit it to the property.
  • The costs of charging are allocated to the motorist, so the service is fair to the residents of the housing association.
  • The property / housing company itself decides on the pricing of the consumed electricity.

In addition, we are the first in Finland to offer electric car charging and car heating with completely clean electricity. The electricity at the charging points is generated by either Tammerkoski's hydropower or wind power. By choosing our Lähisähkö Lataus service, you make electric cars truly environmentally friendly.

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