The Wattimaatti service and energy consumption monitoring

Wattimaatti is a cost-free online service where you can monitor your energy consumption and browse your electricity and heating agreements and invoices.

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Wattimaatti provides you with the consumption data from your remote-readable electricity meter in clear tables and reports. The consumption data can be viewed at an annual, monthly, or even hourly level with a few days' delay.

If you wish, you can also transfer the consumption reports to Excel, where you can continue analysing them. It is also possible for you to compare your consumption levels between different years, months and days and to compare your consumption to that of other electricity users.

With the aid of the information from the service, planning and reducing the use of energy is easy. The energy consumption levels of the evenings when the electric sauna has been used are presented at an hourly level. So are the consumption levels of the days when something more than everyday food was cooked, e.g, the consumption peak from roasting the Christmas ham.

Wattimaatti will also help you when you suspect a failure in the operation of underfloor heating, air conditioning, or some household appliance.